• Cool Comforts for Cooler Days

    The leaves on the trees begin to turn and drop; the days get shorter and evening
    arrives earlier; rain and frost are forecast more and more—but that doesn’t mean a young lady should look dreary! Given the opportunity to look his best with the offerings from Heritage House, when your young gentleman steps out into a chilly October morning he’ll make sure he’s got his hat, scarf, and coat on before you can
    even remind him.

    Outerwear & Accessories

    It can become quite the task to find a decent coat to wear, especially during the
    transition to and from the colder months....

    Cool Comforts for Cooler Days

  • New School Year, New School Look

    A new school year with new teachers, new notebooks and binders, and new
    pencils—let’s not forget about a new look! On the first day back to school, some
    of the kids are going to hold fast to their t-shirts and shorts. Your young lad should
    defy that dismal trend of holding on to a fading summer. The new school year is all
    about the re-set—time to make a new impression! Your young man should enter
    the halls of learning with flair!

    First Day and Every Day

    The warmth of summer will carry on in the early weeks of the school year. A light,
    dressy appearance with...

    New School Year, New School Look

  • How Young Men Keep Classy & Trendy in New Skinny Suits

    As many grown men will attest, it can be quite a challenge to find an ideal suit – even if you love the fabrics and the colors, if the shape is wrong it’s never really going to work. A “normal” suit does wonder to hide the imperfections of the overweight, but for men of a slenderer build, that shape is all wrong. And considering how on average young gentlemen are typically thinner than their mature counterparts, a sleek shape is often what is in order.

    Happily, a solution is not only available, it’s also the latest rage in men’s fashion: it’s...

    How Young Men Keep Classy & Trendy in New Skinny Suits

  • 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Summer Wedding Boys’ Suit

    Summer Weddings - Boys Suits

    As the days get hotter, weekend calendars fill up with plans for barbecues, beach days...and, of course, summer weddings. It’s the most popular time of year for couples to celebrate their big day, so chances are high your family may have an invitation or two already lined up.

    For young men, knowing what to wear to a summer wedding can be surprisingly tricky. The extremities of the season can make it difficult to know just what to wear: that classic, go-to suit you wear to most formal events might just...

    5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Summer Wedding Boys’ Suit

  • What NOT to Wear – At Your Bar Mitzvah

    A Bar Mitzvah is a once-in-lifetime celebration for a young man, a time when all eyes will be on you as you make that important transition from boyhood to manhood. So, it’s understandable why you want to make sure to look your best. Unfortunately for many, this celebration also coincides with what can be the most awkward stage of the “growing pains” process. And to make matters worse, some of the top designers in men’s clothing have well-developed fashion lines for young boys and adult men, but nothing in between to fit a

    So what is a young...

    What NOT to Wear – At Your Bar Mitzvah

  • Communion Suits: That Time of Year is Here

    Spring is upon us and that means it’s time for a season of special occasions, and a great time for your child’s First Communion! It’s important to keep your young man looking good for his special day with a top notch Communion suit, especially because he will be in a formal environment surrounded by family and loved ones.

    This holy tradition involves a large celebration with family and loved ones, and the child being celebrated must wear white to symbolize their purity. 

    A First Communion is a precious and sacred rite of passage, and we, at Heritage House, recognize the...

    Communion Suits: That Time of Year is Here

  • Dress to Impress: The Top 5 Luxury Brands for Boys

    Dressing a young man is not always an easy task but it’s an important one. With a fresh, well-made suit, your child can learn the importance of a clean cut, presentable appearance, and how dressing well will always leave a lasting impression.

    Although he may not be out in the workforce yet, the key to a successful future can rely heavily on instilling the makings of a well-dressed man in him when he’s young.

    It’s no secret, we know suits. Over the years we have come across many brands and have compiled a list of the top five brands for...

    Dress to Impress: The Top 5 Luxury Brands for Boys

  • Spring Time Separates are here!

  • Contrast is Key