Sometimes you need something more. Formal occasions require formal accessorizing. If you need a shirt for your tuxedo, our selection of formal shirts will give you one less thing to worry about. Whether you need a traditional tuxedo shirt with a bib or an updated twist on the classic look, you will find what you need.

Pair up with a black bow-tie to ensure classical elegance. Pair up with a traditional black tie and you're special boy will be walking the red carpet in no time. 

How about if the boy in your life just needs the everyday sophistication of a french cuff shirt. Maybe he has a special pair of cufflinks and he needs an excuse to wear them. Have no fear! We carry a wide assortment of french cuff shirts for that special guy.

Our shirts are sold with a stylish silk knot but feel free to shop in our cufflink section under accessories for some more options.

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