What Size

My son is 13 years old and he doesn’t like broccoli.  What size is he? In a perfect world all boys of a certain age would be the same size but that is seldom true. We know a boy that is 13 years old and is 4’ 10” and weighs 87 pounds. His best friend who is also 13 years old is 5’ 8” and weighs 135 pounds.

Three basic measurements normally give us a good indication of the proper size. They are the boy’s height (without his shoes on), his weight and his waist measurement. The best way to get an accurate read of his waist is to measure a pant that he currently wears and fits properly.  Button the pant and zip it up. Lay it flat and place a tape measure inside the waist band and measure from side to side. That measurement  doubled is a waist measurement (27” (14 regular) in the photo).  

A little big is not a bad thing.  But not to the point of being sloppy or looking like the suit belongs to an older brother. Boys have a bad habit of growing very quickly.

The fit of the jacket is most important. The fit of the pant is secondary. Any knowledgeable tailor will be able to alter the pants much more easily than the jacket. When a suit is altered leave as much material as possible. It extends the life of the suit. As long as the suit has not been dry cleaned too many times or abused better fabrics usually won't leave a noticeable line when the sleeves or pants are lengthened.

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