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Cool Comforts for Cooler Days

By Heritage House October 04, 2017

The leaves on the trees begin to turn and drop; the days get shorter and evening
arrives earlier; rain and frost are forecast more and more—but that doesn’t mean a young lady should look dreary! Given the opportunity to look his best with the offerings from Heritage House, when your young gentleman steps out into a chilly October morning he’ll make sure he’s got his hat, scarf, and coat on before you can
even remind him.

Outerwear & Accessories

It can become quite the task to find a decent coat to wear, especially during the
transition to and from the colder months. Whether your fellow is already given to a
dapper dress style, or is more subdued but put off by lumpy jackets from Great
Outdoors-type stores, he can’t go wrong with a wool overcoat. An overcoat will
protect him from the cold, and look great whether he has a dress-up event or not.
When the weather starts to become aggressively colder, a trench coat can be the
best shield from the elements while still offering a unique look. To protect his
collar, he can shield himself with a beautiful striped Bruno Piatelli scarf.

He can top off with a floppy cap with a herringbone weave in olive or in navy. If
he’s going through a “Wee Small Hours”-Sinatra phase, you can always make a gift
of a fedora—a hat always worth keeping in circulation!



There’s a whole host of events coming up in the fall, leading into the end-of-the
year holidays. This means family get-togethers, holiday and religious events that
will require your young man to look his best presentable self. He’ll be coming in
from the cold, dressed to make your family proud.

Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur

Start a sweet new year with a Ralph Lauren navy blazer, a cotton striped Ragazzo
shirt, and tan gabardine dress pants, also from Ralph Lauren. When the Day of
Atonement demands more of a humble appearance, wearing a DKNY suit may
warrant a pass from the Divine!


Family doesn’t always mean casual, but when it comes to Thanksgiving it should
be memorable and reverent. To honor that evening of family, your young man
could try out a Tallia 2-piece suit, with a Ragazzo silver tonal herringbone shirt.

Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year’s Eve

There’s nothing wrong with recycling a look. In fact, some family and friends may
need to get a second look at what your young man was wearing at the previous get-togethers. The last batch of holidays for the year have their own challenges, mostly
involving attending a service or a holiday event. If the decision is to recycle, ties or
bowties can always be switched up between outfits. Heritage House supplies a
wide range of colors and styles that will compliment any suit at any occasion.

But if that boy of yours wants to light up a holiday gathering in his own way, a
skinny-fit suit will set off some sparks!

Keep It Cool

Heritage House doesn’t think your young gentleman should dread the colder days
ahead. There are so many coats, hats, and great looking outfits available to insulate
him from the cold and maintain his dignity. At any holiday gathering, his look will
be unforgettable! With the right combinations, he can keep looking cool even on
the coldest days!

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