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New School Year, New School Look

By Heritage House September 29, 2017

A new school year with new teachers, new notebooks and binders, and new
pencils—let’s not forget about a new look! On the first day back to school, some
of the kids are going to hold fast to their t-shirts and shorts. Your young lad should
defy that dismal trend of holding on to a fading summer. The new school year is all
about the re-set—time to make a new impression! Your young man should enter
the halls of learning with flair!

First Day and Every Day

The warmth of summer will carry on in the early weeks of the school year. A light,
dressy appearance with some sleek style will work as a substitute for summer gear.
A cotton Brandolini shirt or a linen Ragazzo can convey grace and stature during long-class periods or be rushing between class periods. Twill chinos are a great
compliment to any ensemble regardless of make or style. The whole look can be
topped with a Michael Kors blazer to provide some unity.

If it’s more of an active lifestyle your young man leads—that is, if he is a member
of the “playground set”—any of the previously mentioned shirts will do. When
you’re running on blacktop, jeans rules recess. Your young fellow could be hitting
the swings with black straight-leg jeans. Get a little dust on them? Brush it off and
they're ready to roll.

Hot Feet

Young runners also need the right footwear. Why not break from the super zippy
name-brand sneakers that every parent will buy and will have to re-purchase in
under 3 months? The better sneaker shows better craftsmanship and will stand out
from the pack. The Florsheim navy sneakers have a sturdy construction and are a
fantastic compliment to any look.

If your boy is more of a casual stroller who would rather not be bothered with
laces, consider loafers. Humble & efficient in conception, but when sleekly
designed and engineered for comfort and durability, like an Umi, your gent will
swagger into that science class!


With the new school year comes another round of music programs and concerts
that will require the best possible appearance when they’re on the stage. With a
range of suits from the best designers, such as Ralph Lauren, your young fellow
will dignify his string ensemble. You can mix and match according to preference,
but if you are looking for a formal shirt to fill out his appearance, try the Ragazzo
formal, French cuff shirts. You can find them in tonal stripe, box weave, and
broadcloth styles. If you need to replace the silk knot in the cuffs, you can always
accessorize with your own cufflinks or purchase them from Heritage House.

All Honors

Summer’s over, but it doesn’t have to make your kids blue. Work with them to
make the best possible impression for the new school year. If they feel good about
returning, they’ll do much better during the academic year. Part of that is getting
your boy to look his best. Heritage House is ready to educate you on what he
should wear!

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