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Communion Suits: That Time of Year is Here

By Heritage House May 02, 2017

Spring is upon us and that means it’s time for a season of special occasions, and a great time for your child’s First Communion! It’s important to keep your young man looking good for his special day with a top notch Communion suit, especially because he will be in a formal environment surrounded by family and loved ones.

This holy tradition involves a large celebration with family and loved ones, and the child being celebrated must wear white to symbolize their purity. 

A First Communion is a precious and sacred rite of passage, and we, at Heritage House, recognize the importance of your child’s Communion outfit. He must look clean and well-dressed while maintaining his youthful and pure appearance. 

We have communion suits from a wide variety of high-quality designers that will help your boy stand out on his very important day. Whether he is attending a celebration of a communicant or is the communicant himself, we are here to make sure he will look his very best.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is known for his high-quality line of boys’ suits, and these elegant white sets are no exception. For a lighter look, we have a linen two-piece that is light and comfortable and is perfect for a warm summer day.

This single-breasted seersucker two-piece is a classic and will help your child shine on this big day. 

Michael Kors

If your son is attending a communion, look no further than this beautiful navy jacket from Michael Kors. This solid gabardine piece can be paired with a pair of slacks to make a classy, completed look perfect for the sacred space of a church.


Ragazzo is your best choice for a comfortable, well-made button down shirt for this celebration day. Each of these pieces has a style and design that is perfect for any young man to stand out in style on this very important occasion

Of course, you can’t forget the ties and shoes, both of which Heritage House has in great supply. Please enjoy our wide selection of ties by all of the greatest designers, and our white dress shoe collection that will complete your son’s grown-up look. 

Here at Heritage House, we believe in the importance of well-made clothing to give your child the best. His First Communion is an important day in his life, and we know what it takes to help him look the part. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the designers or clothing items you see on our website.

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