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Fall for High Cotton!

By Heritage House October 19, 2016 | Bow Tie Bow Ties Bowtie Bowties High Cotton Pre Tie Pre Tied Pretie Pretied Self Tie Self Tied Tie Ties

They're here! Check out our fall-line of Bow Ties from High Cotton! Quality fabrics, distinguished patterns, and colorful southern charm. Proudly made in North Carolina! Here are a few:  

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High Cotton Goodies!

By Heritage House October 13, 2015 | Bow Tie Bow Ties Bowtie Bowties Check Checks Cotton High Cotton Plaid Plaids Pre Tie Pre Tied Self Tie Self Tied Stripe Stripes Tie Ties

We have just received a new collection of bow ties and a pocket square from High Cotton. Some are pre-tied, some are self-tie bow ties, all are amazing! A great new pocket square has come in as well which matches one of the new patterns. Here are just a few! Have...

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