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DKNY Tuxedo

By Heritage House January 14, 2016 | Black Black Tie DKNY Formal Formal Attire Formal Wear Formalwear Tuxedo Wedding

Sometimes even a suit isn't enough. For that formal occasion coming up you definitely want to look your best. Don't forget about hat special young guy in your family though! He needs to look sharp as well. Check out our new Tuxedo from DKNY. Grosgrain Lapel, buttons, pocket linings, pant stripe...

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Navy Tuxedo

By Heritage House September 24, 2015 | Blue DKNY Formal Formal Attire Grosgrain Navy Navy Blue Suit Suits Tux Tuxedo

We are really excited about our new Tuxedo from DKNY. It's an excellent shade of Navy Blue with a richness that can only truly be appreciated in person. Complete with incredible pick stitch details and grosgrain accents throughout, this Tuxedo will make an elegant statement while simultaneously showing off a...

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