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New Customer Picture Gallery

By Heritage House June 19, 2015

Since 1994 the Heritage House has made a tradition of snapping pictures of our young men in their new special occasion suits. Many of our customers need suits for their Bar Mitzvahs, First Holy Communions and Confirmations so we made an effort of documenting this special time by capturing one of the significant moments of their experience. Granted, many of our guys aren’t too thrilled about getting outfitted (i.e. like pulling teeth…) but it has become a staple of our outfitting process and a number of boys come back as men years later to track down their pictures.

Now we have decided to begin uploading these photos into a digital gallery so that they are accessible from the web. Simply visit to browse through the collection of images that we have started to upload. We will be working to add more and more customer photos over the next few months so keep checking back if you can’t find who you’re looking for. We have gathered thousands of photos over the years so please be patient with us!

Also, when we first started taking these pictures we were using an old school Polaroid camera. That means most of the earlier photos have been faded by the sun and father time. We apologize to our older customers for their faded faces :(

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